Monday, February 16, 2009

Me too!

Reese must do everything the older kids do -- if they have popcorn then she better get some too or she'll let you know. Good thing I remembered to buy the "baby" kind (corn pops or whatever they are called). I got them plastic popcorn boxes at the Target Dollar Spot -- I had three in hand and then remembered Reese will want one too, so I picked up another or that would have been another protest.
No school today for President's Day --- I haven't done a lot except a second coat of brown paint in their room during Reese's nap (now I have 3 walls and the ceiling to go) and bathed them all. Other than that they are destroying the house and running and screaming and I think I will prepare dinner now and we will eat the minute Aaron comes home then I think I will exit upstairs to do some scrapbooking which is long overdue and hopefully make me feel a little more energized. I must remember this for summer since they don't nap anymore . . . I need to have the day more planned out with projects and activities especially on days we stay home all day: structure is the key to my sanity or what's left of it. It will be easier in the summer when we can go outside . . . I hope!



Hi Mindy,
This is Krista; I really enjoy reading your blog. Delaney is the same way with Landon, already! She wants whatever he has and isn't happy until she gets it. :)

Candi Ladwig said...

She is soooooo stinkin' cute!!! I can't believe how big she is!! Miss ya!! :)

Penny Smith said...

OH MY FLIPPIN' GOD! That is the CUTIEST picture in the world!!!
OH MY GOSH she is getting big!!

I've missed ya!