Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It's a Process

A few weeks ago we brought down Addison's dollhouse from the upstairs play closet. I put in on a chest so Reese wouldn't eat the small pieces and "mess up" Addison's house. Addison couldn't reach the third and fourth floors very easily so she brought out the bench to the vanity Cathi gave us last year. When we clean up I put it back. Reesey is so smart that she goes and gets the bench and carries all the way from the playroom so she can use it to reach the dollhouse. She hasn't eaten anything so far. She likes to put the baby in the bed and say "nigh nigh baby" then "shhh . . . shhh" The second I put that bench back here she comes carrying it back out again. She'll do it tens time a day if she has too.

Today she found me to show me that she put her hat on all by herself. I can't believe all the things she can do.

1 comment:

Penny Smith said...

MAN she is a cutie!!

No, I still am doing 365... just not caught up on the blog. BAD Penny!

I still have blog catching up to do! :)