Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sewing Bug

I'm done painting the kids' walls and trim . . . then I ran out of paint for the ceiling. The part I can't wait to start is making quilts for all of them. There's the fabrics I have so far for the girls and I plan on getting a few more too . . . you can never have too much fabric. I have a couple things for the boys so far but it's definitely harder to find fabrics I like for them. My resources are limited too since I'm trying to save money and using coupons at JoAnn's and they have a lot of fabrics but there is so much more out there . . . I've been browsing on-line something I shouldn't do . . . cute, cute, cute stuff but I'm not paying $13 or more a yard for fabric! I just can't wait to start sewing but really I should have all my fabrics before I start. It's hard to wait though, we all know how I love to START a new project that's all that is probably. I have been wanting to sew lately. I read a lot of crafty blogs where people are making the cutest clothes for their kids and themselves. Then I was at JoAnn's on Friday and at the checkout, the cashier talked me into buying this Fashion magazine for a couple bucks because it had all these coupons on the back. She said "I know you don't want this for the fashions" maybe it was my stained t-shirt or my too tight jeans giving me the ever so attractive muffin top or my Goodwill green coat (that I love) that made her say that, I don't know but when I came home I looked through it and saw it said fashions inspired by Project Runway (I loved that show!) however I would never fit into anything they stick on those stick models but the key word was inspired. I tore out several pages of things I might try to make. I would love to make some tops and skirts. I have trouble finding clothes that fit me right so maybe making my own would be better. For some reason they just don't make clothes for "mummy tummy". Anyway I might give it a go, I see a lot of sewers find a pattern they love and make it several times in different fabrics and it looks like a different top or skirt every time. I've never been big into making clothes but lately I'm feeling all Little House on the Prairie like -- I need to be Mindy Homemaker or something. Why not make all our clothes? I need more going on don't I?

So back to the kid's room, I'm almost done except I need to paint their bunk bed and the 4 (yes, four!) doors in their room but they have to all be primed too so that's a warm weather project to do outside which may never happen since I don't think it will ever be warm here again -- we just got some more snow last night. I need to order some things I have in mind for their walls too and paint the closets add the accessories I have to paint for closets. And do something to the front of their dresser . . . and sew the four quilts . . . then I'm done. I hope you're not holding your breath waiting for the reveal as that may be a few years down the road!

and don't forget I have to make two sets of curtains too . . .

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Candi Ladwig said...

can't wait to see what you make! love the fabrics ;) you are so like me... no matter if you have time or not you think you can make anything!! next thing you know you have a whole stack of do tos and no time (okay, that was me anyway!!)