Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Scrapbooking Struggles & a Giveaway

Ever since the kids got sick a few weeks ago with those ear infections, I didn't have much of a chance to scrapbook except when they went to bed by then I was too exhausted to do anything but lay in bed and stare at the TV until I was out (about 5 minutes). Then they got better, it was valentines crafts and then I started painting their room again so once they were in bed I was too tired to do any scrapbooking although I wanted to and I thought I had fab ideas but if I did go up there I would just shuffle stuff around not sure what to do and it didn't take long before I was frustrated and felt like I was wasting time. Today I decided I would scrap during Reese's morning nap as a "present" to myself since yesterday I wasn't home much at all and spent most of the day running errands and driving kids places.

Once again, I felt like I was at a loss and I was up there working on my bedroom floor when all of sudden I was like hey! why am I sitting on the floor when I have this nice space I created???? I realized although it's not a total mess I just had some stuff sitting up there that hadn't made it's way back to it's proper place and I need a good amount of table to work (just ask Keely). While I should have probably stopped and cleaned a little I didn't want to give up my me time to organizing/cleaning once again. So I kept on truckin' and got this done. I like it. I still need to do the journaling.

This afternoon I will venture up there and put away all my stuff so I can get back to scrapping when I want without the mess. That's the key to most everything in my life -- I can't create very well in chaos. It bugs me. Now I want that creative bug to get me going.

And if you're feeling like you have the creative bug going on and want to get hold of some new cool stuff, check out Creek Bank Creations Blog. My sister, Keely, works there and is helping out with their blog and they are doing a giveaway right now with some of their own new products.
That tree book is pretty neat. Paint it, cover it in paper, ink it, how cool would it be with some park, spring, or fall photos. Even if you're not a scrapbooker, that tree book would make a cool journal (I'd paint it with acylic paint and write on top of the paint or cover it with notebook paper) or just give it to your kids and see what cool thing they do with it. I know Addison would love to do a "project"(as she calls it) like that. I think they may add more to their giveaway as more people comment so go to it, be sure to mention my name so they know I'm out there promoting them!


Penny Smith said...

Ok, LOVE the layout-and the PICTURES!!
Seriously cool!

The tree book is cool too!

Thanks for sharing!
I am the same way! I have a hard time cleaning up each time. Yet is I don't it stalls me the next time.
Go figure. Vicious circle! :)

Candi Ladwig said...

She is a sweetie!! I love that tree book!! Are they a local company? I've never heard of them. Are you and Keely going to make the crop the second week of March??? (I hope to see you!!)