Thursday, February 5, 2009

Not Complaining

So I took sick kid number 3 to the doctor today after a rough night of waking about every 45 minutes, trying to have her sleep in our bed only she wanted to touch my face and kick me every other minute, I finally got her back in bed just in time for Caden to crawl between us. To me things always seem so much worse during the night no matter what it is but I hadn't seen our pediatrician since Monday and I was having withdrawals so I figured we go. Same old, same old: ear infection, antibiotic, get back home just in time to get Ethan from school (not really I was about 5 minutes late). So I was going to complain about having sick kids for 2 straight weeks. I'm good about complaining about the kids and all the mommy things that go along with them but I'm not going to do it.
2 weeks of kids with ear infections is tiring and everyone is grouchy and I haven't gotten to do anything "fun" for myself; it's nothing compared to this blog I ran across yesterday. I don't "know" this family but I decided just to check it out and within minutes of seeing photos and reading through their archives of the past 2 weeks I was crying. Cora is about 11 months old and during a follow-up appointment for ear infections it was discovered her liver was enlarged. The next day she was having surgery to remove a mass by her kidneys that turned out to be some kind of stage 4 cancer. She's gone through her first round of chemo and now is not doing very well due to an infection and has been put on a ventilator. All this just happened to this family. They went for that ear recheck on January 22. This is one of my biggest fears as a parent -- for one of my children to become seriously ill. I'm sure all parents worry about it at times but it's one of those things I try not to think about because I can become hysterical and won't be able to sleep if I dwell on it. There have been a few times with the kids that we weren't sure about their health when they were born and beyond and I have lived through that not knowing, the uncertainty, the giving of your child's whole life into the hands of other people you don't know. Leaving your baby at the hospital all alone, hoping they are doing everything to get them better. So know even though I don't know the McClenahans and I just learned of their little family yesterday, I am emotionally invested. I am praying for Cora and for them therefore I'm not going to complain about my children with ear infections that are getting better and that my life hasn't been in it's normal routine for the past couple weeks -- it's nothing compared to Cora. I'm sure the McClenahans would welcome your prayers too. Miracles happen. Here's my three miracles tonight:

If pictures had volume, you'd be turning down the volume on your computer for sure when you "heard" this picture. To quote my mother-in-law: "At least it's happy noise!"

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