Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine Central

Holiday time again! We have been working away the last week creating all kinds of fun stuff.

The kids needed a box to hold their valentines at school so Addison did a panda one,
Ethan made a dog one (of course),

and Caden had a race car.

We made our valentines too. I make the kids help too. Of course, since they are 4 they can't do all of them but I find jobs for them to do.

Addison wrote her name on all 28 of her valentines. Caden put alien faces on his. He was burnt out near the end but he finished them all. Ethan helped face parts on his little dog cards.

Reesey even made some valentines today. I painted her hands for handprint hearts and she loved it and was so patient to sit there and do it over and over. Another art project loving girl. They have all come so far in being able to help do stuff like that.

At the beginning of the school year I signed up for treat bags for Caden and Addison's classroom. So I found some fun ideas.

I melted some old crayons in silicon ice cube trays to make swirly heart crayons.

I also made candy cane heart suckers. This was a bonus project as Aaron was instructed to buy some mini candy canes for our gingerbread party at Christmas, all he could find was a box of 100. So we had some leftover candy canes and I used them all up to make these cute suckers.

I found this awesome idea for teacher gifts. Newspaper roses . . . yup, these are made of newspaper!

I love them. The teachers did too. I wonder what else can be made of newspaper?

Of course, doing all that didn't leave me a lot of time to do anything like the 38 projects I saved for things to make at home . . . heart garlands to mobiles to a valentine countdown calendar. I was going to make valentines to give to family with photos of the kids. I did get to the photo shoot today.

I didn't even attempt a group photo just individual ones. I got some cute ones and some crazy ones!
I didn't have time to make paper valentines so I threw together a digital version which I'll share later. I can still make some really cute scrapbook pages with the photos if I ever get around to doing anything I want to do.


Henley said...

Your Valentine ideas for crafts are so good! I love the candy cane hearts:) Thanks for sharing. Have a great time tonight!

Jessica said...

you are so crafty! Loved the crayon hearts.