Thursday, August 14, 2008

Too Much Sleep

I'm sleeping too much this week. I am the kind of person that if I sit or lay down and don't have something to do (besides watch TV) I'm out. I have to be busy all the time or I start to get tired. BK (before kids) Aaron would get so mad at me when we would stay home and watch a movie because I had to grade papers or look at a magazine while we watched it or I would fall asleep every time. I get just as annoyed with him when I see him sitting on the couch hour after hour just watching TV and thinking, he can fold laundry or pick up the playroom or do 100 other things I can think of. But I let him sit (90% of the time.) Last night I nursed the baby in bed at 8pm with all intentions of putting her to bed and coming back downstairs. After I put her in her crib, I wanted to watch one of my favorite shows, Project Runway, in some peace and quiet well before I knew it I was out. I feel so bad when I am in bed too many hours. If I go to bed between 12 and 1 am I do just fine and I get up around 6- 6:30 everyday. I have to get back on track, once I do it for a night or two it's easy. Plus at the moment it's some "me" time that I can do whatever I want late at night which normally is the only time I can fit in scrapbooking or creative time.

We have been so busy. Here was our weekend:
1. Preschool Picnic at the park
2. Zoo with my two sisters and their kids
3. Yard Sale on Saturday morning
4. Aaron's Work Picnic
5. My Grandma's 90th Birthday party

That was a lot to do in one short weekend considering nothing was in the same town (lots of traveling) and we had Keely and Jeremy here over night too. Wow! Aaron was upset he didn't get any roofing done but I think he'll get back on that this weekend.

This week things haven't eased up anymore either. Seems like everyday we've had lots to do and not been home much at all. I thought today we were staying home the WHOLE day, until I woke up and realized Aaron didn't make the kids their strawberry milk for breakfast and discovered it was because we have NO MILK, not one drop in our house . . . so now we have to go to the grocery store! Yuck!

Sorry no photos, I have some of our busy weekend but I have no idea where my camera has disappeared too.

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