Sunday, August 3, 2008

The BIG Job Continues

I think we have now passed week 3 of the roofing project. It's coming along. I say a little more than half of it is complete. The $#^*!@ scissor lift promptly breaks down about every second day and then the weather is uncooperative about every fifth day. There's a lot of sweating going on along with some colorful phrases and interesting conversations between Neil and Aaron.

They work well together and Aaron says he's learning a lot about roofing mainly that he never wants to do this again. I doubt that this is the last time he has to lay shingles on a home we own but maybe we will be looking at prospective homes in a different way and basing a purchase on how steep the roof is . . . something to consider.

It is pretty high up there.

It's hard to tell by this photo but the front porch is complete and for some reason there was 4 layers of shingles to remove off this part but the rest of the house only has one layer. It took Aaron's Dad a whole day just to remove the old shingles just off the porch.

This is the other side that still has the old green shingles. And we are running out of shingles which is super puzzling to Aaron and he just can't understand why he didn't get enough. Things like that drive him crazy. I say accept that we didn't' get enough and move on and get more but he must question it over and over . . . and we'll probably never know the answer to that puzzle.

Then there's the back porch that is our laundry room and pantry. It looks small but Aaron assures me it's not that small and it has BIG issues.

Looks like sheeting will have to be replaced . . . see the big dent . . . I wonder why we don't have a waterfall in our laundry room on rainy days. And turns out I do have a green thumb . . . look I can grow trees in our gutters. The tree is this photo is not my only one . . . I have several propagating on all sides of the house . . . pretty talented, wouldn't you say?

The roof was one of two BIG projects we have on our to do list for our home. The other starts to show it's ugly head here. This is the window we took out when we remodeled our bathroom last year. Pretty, huh?

And look here . . . the gray area is the aluminum siding showing through our peeling paint. When the sun shines on it, it's very sparkly like glitter or diamonds but as much as I like those embellishments in scrapbooking, I don't think it's going to attract a lot of buyers. We were going to paint our aluminum siding. Before we started the roofing job, our slave neighbor, Neil, said putting up vinyl was no harder than painting and he knew how to do and it wouldn't be much more than painting. . . we'll see if Neil doesn't offer for us to use his paint sprayer the second the last roofing nail is hammered in.

Today we had a collision in the universe with an early thunderstorm to make every wet enough to hold off roofing until late afternoon. Once Aaron got all the equipment out to begin then the lift magically wouldn't work. So nothing more was done on the roof. On to week 4 . . . roofing sure is hard work!

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