Friday, August 15, 2008

ALL ABOARD . . . for the last time

Today was the very last day of All Aboard Preschool that we have been attending for the last 16 months. The grant actually ended for it back in April but Warren Achievement went out and asked for donations throughout the community to keep it going until August so the kids that were attending didn't have much of a break between preschools.

I was very hesitant when we first decided to go. I didn't want to make any more commitments -- I hate being so busy and having to leave the house a lot every week and I already knew I was pregnant with Reese and that seemed to complicate the whole situation but it has been the best thing for the kids and for me! The kids have really made huge strides in many areas. They've learned to share, had positive interaction with other kids, increased their attention spans, learned to follow rules of the classroom, learned to listen to other adults, sat for circle time, participated in lots of fun field trips, and experienced all kinds of art. I was glad that there were families of different races and cultures that attended too, as well as children with disabilities, so that my children can see that people are different but we all have many things in common just the same. I have gotten just as much out of that preschool as the kids did. Because it was required I attend with the kids, I have met some great moms and dads that I plan on staying in touch with. The best thing about it was all our kids had some sort of "issue" that's why they were there so we were all in the same boat and I never felt that anyone was trying to compare or compete saying their child was "better" than another. We were all supportive of one another. I will definitely miss seeing my new friends but I plan on staying in touch with them.

Our teacher, Alison, has been just wonderful. I truly feel she is a friend and she has gone above and beyond, in my opinion, for my kids. Truth be known, they could have been dismissed last November when they turned 3 from All Aboard Preschool because they qualified for the school district program but I just didn't feel it was right at the time. She stuck up for them (and me) and was able to keep all 3 of them in All Aboard. She even offered to let Reese come to preschool too when babysitting became a problem and she certainly didn't have to do that. She's a really nice person and I am happy for her to get to be a stay-at-home-mom for the upcoming school year. She's had to work the whole time she's been a mom and now is super excited to get to stay home -- I know she'll love it!

As for my kids I think they have zero understanding that this was the last day (even though I told them a million times). We have one week left before "real" preschool begins and I will probably be hyperventilating more and more each day. I plan to keep the busyness of next week low key and just enjoy that last week the kids and I have together. It's going to be bitter-sweet and I'm sure they'll be more than just a few tears shed by them and by me!

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Chrissi said...

They are going to love PreK, too! So funny to see all of them at registration. Where has time gone? The "Allison" teacher looks so familiar - what is her name?