Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Happy 9 Months!

*She is a moving machine on the go, go go! Actually, she’s never really held still from day 1 (probably making up for the lack of moment in my tummy). Even when she’s nursing she’s moving in someway usually pushing me with her arms, hitting me, or even “jumping” with her legs even in the middle of the night when she's half asleep.

*Still getting up 1 to 2 times a night to nurse – I really don’t mind that much though.

*Another ear infection when she was working on getting some top teeth.

*She can clap and does so whenever someone says "yay"!

*She only wants to play with “contraband” (as Keely would say). Who wants all those dumb all baby toys – after all we have so many. I’ll tell you who wants them is 3-1/2 year olds! Reese would rather play with tiny blocks, plastic sacks, small Spiderman figures, crayons, onion skins, paper, or folding chairs.

*She loves the water! Bath time is a favorite and darts for the bathroom door the minute it opens! I can usually find her playing in the cat’s water bowl soaking wet – having the time of her life!

*She mumbles "mama" and "dada" over and over again. She also growls, laughs, squeals in delight, and imitates blowing.

*She loves to feed herself Puffs and Wagon Wheels. She really likes most baby food. However she is also a human vacuum. So far she has eaten popcorn, fruit snacks, bacon, onion skins, leaves, animal crackers, fruit loops and probably a million other things I don’t know about.

*She thinks she’s 39 months not 9 months, if she could go to preschool, she would and probably love it! She loved circle time at All Aboard Preschool and actually did some of the songs with the other kids.

*She loves to dance as soon as she hears music she's bouncing up and down.

*One of her favorite toys is a bouncing Tigger that Cathi gave us several months ago and I just got around to putting batteries in it this week (I'm quick!). She loves it and bounces with Tigger and likes to put his nose in her mouth while he bouncing!

*I think we are in trouble. I think she's ornerier than all 3 of the other kids combined. She's into everything and has quite a temper when she doesn't get her way. I told Aaron the other day if the other three kids had been into everything as much as her, we probably wouldn't have had her but I'm sure glad we did!

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