Friday, August 22, 2008

Having Faith

The challenge for One Little Word blog was "faith". This one was easy as to what my subject would be: Ethan's NICU story. It's one I can't tell enough and have documented several times in layouts before and I'm sure I will continue to revisit this story over and over again. It actually becomes harder to think about the further down the road it gets -- seems like it would be easier to deal with but its not. I love this photo of him holding my pinky -- wish it wasn't so blurry but I still love it! Click on photos to see them larger.


Gigi said...

absolutely love this...truly what art is at it's core...truth, hope & beauty...i can see your heart right there on that page & it is beautiful :)

(& btw...what an amazing photo too...blurry or is amazing :)



Lynn said...

I LOVE this too! Gorgeous!


Ronda P. said...

I totally agree with what gi said. It is an incredible piece of life art.