Saturday, August 23, 2008

New "Toy"

So the new camera arrived yesterday. I am excited to have it even though I emailed Keely just a few weeks ago saying I don't think I would ever want one like it . . . but after seeing a few of her photos I could really tell a difference and since scrapbooking is so much better to me if you have really good looking photos and Aaron saying this is the camera he's been wanting for years and we already have 2 lenses to go on it -- we bought it.

After taking about 200 photos yesterday of randomness like eating PB&J sandwiches

and people eating disgusting $2.25 Spiderman and SpongeBob ice cream bars from the ice cream truck that any child under 10 can hear 10 blocks away

and a little boy who is in love with our neighbor girl so much he can hardly stand it

and the man who claims he will be taking lots of photos now they we have a decent camera when he hasn't picked up the point and shoot more than 5 times in the last 2 years

and a little boy who constantly said "cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeese" everytime I went to take his photo

and the Jim Carey of babies, she has a million and one faces, folks, a million and one . . .

I discovered I do not know how to use this camera so I will have to be a self taught learner and hopefully the photos get better . . . hopefully

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Chrissi said...

Can't wait to see all of your updates using pics from your new camera!!! good pictures of the kids, too! Are they ready for preschool? Moreso, are you ready for preschool??