Sunday, August 17, 2008

{Last} Weekend in Pictures

Last week was so busy that I didn't even find time to post any photos from our super crazy weekend.

These are the kids that attended the All Aboard Preschool Picnic with their teacher, Alison.

This is our friend and fellow preschool student, Brodie. He loves, loves, loves Reese! He cannot get enough of her. If he could he would pick her up and carry her around and probably take her home.

The zoo was fun. Both my sisters, BIL Jeremy, their kids, and my dad went. Cael and Chloe along with their mom, Monica, were amazed by the swans, ducks, and all those huge fish! We forgot quarters to buy fish food so we improvised by picking up all the fish food that people dropped on the deck.

Jeffie was afraid of the fish and ducks at first. He warmed up to it though.

However, Reese liked them a lot -- she'd probably dive in if I let her out of the stroller.

Goats are huge with all the kids except Jeffie (a little scared of them). Ethan calls them dogs so of course, they are one of the highlights for him.

Reese enjoyed the goats too. She is unafraid of everything!

Reese thought the carousel was a blast! She was screaming and laughing!

The train is always fun . . . but we almost missed it. They made an announcement for last call and had to run to get on. It was so crowded that our crew of 13 couldn't sit together!

Lots of photos were taken. Both my sisters have fairly new nice cameras. As soon as Aaron examined them and realized our big lenses we have for our film camera fit on their cameras, he decided we are buying one too. I wasn't so sure I wanted one but after seeing some of their photos -- I do want one. I take hundreds of photos every month -- I'm sure it will be well worth it!

Here's to trying to get all the older kids together for a group photo. Turned out well didn't it?

Here's another try to get all the kids plus Grandpa together for a group photo. Yeah, right.

Aaron's work had a family picnic. It was fun. Ethan was so scared of this little bridge at first but it didn't take long for him to get a hang of it.

Addison loved the bubble machines they had there for the little kids so much. They made lots and lots of big bubbles. We found those exact bubble blowers at Big Lots for $3 a pop. We got some and have gone though at least 5 bottles of bubbles in a week. This is great because it occupies them for a good 15 minutes and we are whittling down our stash of bubbles (for some reason we have at least 12 bottles of bubbles).

Ethan found and picked up a may fly. He loves bugs. He hugs them and kisses them, of course, during the process of loving them, he injures or kills them too. That's love for ya!

The tire swing was fun for Addison . . .

and Caden too!

We walked down to the lake and saw some schools of fish swimming around and they jumped out of the water for us a few times. The kids thought they were sharks! This is one of my new favorite photos of Aaron and the kids!

We went to my Grandma's 90th Birthday party too. She is in an Alzheimer's wing in a nursing home. She recently was moved to this one and it's really nice. This photo is of her and her baby, my Uncle Tim. He spends a lot of time with her and I think he goes there every night to help her eat supper. He organized the birthday party for her. I hope one of my kids is nice enough to do this for me.

This was the first time Reesey met my Grandma and my Aunt Lynda too. My Grandma was worried that she was too cold and told me to put some clothes on that baby. Meanwhile I was sweating too death.

During my Grandma's party, we couldn't find Ethan. A worker said he was in room 508, I thought she misunderstood and that I was looking for a resident and I told her I was looking for my little boy. She asked if he was wearing a red shirt. When I told her he was, she said he's in bed in room 508. He was pretending to sleep. He must have picked that one because it had a doll and stuffed bear on it. I'm just glad there wasn't somebody already sleeping in the bed at the moment. He did sneak into a couple more rooms where patients were napping but didn't crawl into bed with them. My Grandma doesn't have a roommate right now and I think he'd be a perfect match. After all, I keep saying that 3 year olds act like Alzheimer patients. He'd fit right in plus he put on a show of muscles and acrobats for some patients that were at my grandma's party -- he's good entertainment.

Now I feel caught up, and this weekend we did nothing but stay home and Aaron worked on the roof. We got a lot accomplished and the kids took naps both days. Today the older three slept 3 hours and Reese slept 4 hours this afternoon. They needed it. It's nice just to take things at a slower pace and not have to run from place to place and deal with overtired kids.

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Chrissi said...

Wow! I am exhausted just after reading your blog!! I don't know how you did it! Glad everyone was able to get some much-needed rest!