Thursday, August 14, 2008

Pet Peeves

This has not been a good day at all. It's 3:00 maybe it will get better? Doubtful so while I'm in my sour mood I think I complain about all the things that are driving me nuts! If you don't like negativity, please feel free to navigate yourself toward some positive site now!

1. My husband not telling me when we are close to being out of something. I have gone over this one million times with him -- when we are running out, tell me; when you open the last package of something, tell me; when it's completely gone, tell me! Hence the milk situation today. I guess he knew last night we had zero milk in this house (one unopened gallon we had was completely spoiled and he threw it out). He should have either gotten his rear in the van and drove to buy some or woke me up to tell me so I wasn't surprised by this first thing in the morning, completely changing my day and my plans!

2. Children who constantly whine, "I want, I want, I want" -- that would be Addison the whole entire time we were shopping!

3. Children who cry the whole time we're shopping -- that would be Ethan.

4. Babies who think they are 3 years older than they really are -- that would be Reese. She's crawling everywhere and wants to play with anything that is not okay for a baby to play with: small toys, shoes, onions, grocery bags, dollhouse, remote control, etc etc etc. Maybe she can go to preschool since she thinks she's 3.

5. Children who sleep 5 minutes on the way home and suddenly feel refreshed enough to not take a nap -- that would be the older 3!

6. People who buy me groceries! This is weird but a family member buys me stuff and then brings it here. We have limited space. I cannot fit a gallon container of ice cream in my shoe box freezer along with the necessities we have to keep in there like meat, spare bread, etc. We don't even hardly eat ice cream! I am tired of opening the freezer door and something falling out -- I'm surprised one of us hasn't broken a foot or toe. Please refrain from buying me food!

7. People who think I'm not busy because I am a stay-at-home-mom! This will have to be a separate post someday! I am not sitting at home watching soap operas (hate them) doing nothing. I am busy all day and exhausted at night. This is the hardest thing I have ever done! We have so much going on all the time: appointments, errands, fixing up the house, the regular household chores, tending to 4 children, etc. I get super annoyed when people think because I don't "work" outside our home that I have lots of free time -- I don't have much at all and what little I have I'm really selfish about!

8. Children who mess up my house the day after it's been clean -- that would be all 4 of them!

9. Messy closets -- you know about that if you are a regular reader!

10. Not being able to find stuff -- my camera -- where is that thing???

Okay I'll stop, there could be more but I feel somewhat better -- if the kids would just sleep for about an hour or so I think I might be civil again!

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