Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My life is over . . .


a few days ago Reese learned how to climb up the chairs to get on our table. The other kids didn't do this . . . we had them gated in the playroom most of the day. She needs to be gated or leashed or something. She is so busy. She gets up there and gets into everything on the table . . . everything in the free world is on our table. We eat there three times a day but it has to be cleaned off every time maybe this will help with keeping it clean. Mainly she's up there looking for "dinks", she has spilled my diet mountain dew with ice at least 3 times so far. I catch her drinking out of juice boxes too. She looking for writing utensils too.


She's super fast too. Too fun. Here's our current solution:


Looks like we're ready for a game of musical chairs at any given time doesn't it. She still gets on the chairs but her legs are too short to crawl over the chair backs (for now). If I put things in the middle she can't reach them . . . until her arms grow longer.

I guess then we'll be stacking the chairs on top of the table . . . that will be terribly convenient and make quite the decor statement, don't you think?

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lisaday said...

HA! I remember these days with a climbing little monkey!! Nothing is safe!! Good luck!