Thursday, April 30, 2009

Doing the LOAD


I signed up to do LOAD May '09. You are probably wonder what the heck is LOAD? LOAD stands for LayOut A Day. So I plan on making on scrapbook layout every day in May. It costs $10 and I figured if I paid I would stick with it. You can't work ahead and if you get behind, then you're out of the running for some prize but I just want to do it, to do it. Keely signed up too even though she's working a ton, taking an online photography class and I think she was signing up for another online scrapbook design class . . . talk about overload. I was planning on kicking off LOAD by going to the store Keely works at this weekend and doing their crop. It's National Scrapbook Day on Saturday. I was really looking forward to it until the kids got sick then everything went to hell here and I didn't see how I was going to get myself pulled together in time to go this weekend and funds are low in the bank account so I backed out (sorry, Keel). Now Reese has Croup so it's better if I stay home anyway. But I did schedule some time to have my own crop at home which sounds stupid I know but the kids are going to Grammy's all afternoon tomorrow and then on Saturday Aaron is going to take them somewhere, not sure exactly where but that's his thing not mine. I'm excited I haven't scrapbooked for almost 2 weeks now since the kids were sick it threw a wrench into all that creativity I had going on for a few weeks but I'm ready to jump back in so wish me luck we'll see how my LOAD goes.

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