Friday, April 24, 2009

The Road to Recovery

Boy this sickness has wiped out the kids completely. I believe the fevers are gone and the are eating some but not much. Ethan has requested pizza and Donalds so far today which means he's somewhat hungry. But this is pretty much the scene here.
Not much playing at all, lots of napping, and some crying.
She wanted to play with our box of beans. She wanted to do a project. She wanted to color. I tried to join her in coloring but with Reese being up it is hard for me to sit and do those things with her. I soon found her asleep on my bed where she took a 4 hour nap! It's in the 80's today and Caden even wanted to go outside so he got on his shoes walked around the yard for about 2 minutes and came in. That did him in for a while.
Now I think it's Reese's turn. She has diarrhea now. Oh joy!


Penny Smith said...

Oh MAN! You have had it BAD there! :)

Hope they feel even better tomorrow... better but calm? :)

Chrissi said...

OH I hope the kids are better! And they can get outside before it rains again. Poor 'lil Addison, she doesn't look like herself... so sad... you can tell they don't feel good. Give them extra hugs. :)

Penny Smith said...

Missed you at club on Saturday! Kim was out of town, and I was scheduled to teach-and I was excited to see ya, but alas, I figured when you didn't show you were still in recovery mode. :(

Hope you OK! :)