Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Rainy Stroll

I've been so busy creating with my heap of scrapbook stuff. I just can't stop sometimes I'm making two layouts a night! I'm back to burning the midnight (or later) oil. I'm using a lot of my stash and not worrying and fussing about every single detail which I think makes it even more fun and creative.
I'm not going to bore everyone with all the layouts I am making, plus it would take more time away from scrapbooking to show all these layouts I 've made in the last week (about 10). So I'll just show my latest. I'm getting so fast too -- I think this took about 40 minutes from picking out the paper to writing the journaling. And to top it off I like it!


Penny Smith said...

I like it too! :)

Way to go lady! Use your stash!!

Candi Ladwig said...

So cute!!!

Anonymous said...

Way to go on getting all that done and using your stash! That's going to be my goal for May! Cute page!