Thursday, April 23, 2009

Let the whining begin

The kids are starting to feel better. Aaron went back to work. Addison is the only one who still has a fever. Even the baby was very whiny today, screaming "mine" when someone sat on the quilt I was using which I hope doesn't mean she is now getting sick.
Ethan's uttered a few words today, "no hat" noticing one of the hatless snowmen on my jammies, "stuck" when he couldn't pick up his blanket, and a classic "I want to watch SpongeBob". The only words I heard him say since Monday were "NO" every time I went to give him medicine and "back to sleep" when I had to wake him. The requests have already started today:
  • I want more drink
  • I want to watch something different on TV
  • I need a pillow
  • This pillow is too big
  • This blanket smells
  • I need my yellow blanket
  • I want to go upstairs
  • I need you to wipe my bottom
  • Dink, Cakrs! (drink, crackers)

I kind of got spoiled the last couple days since all they did was sleep, so I propped myself on the couch and watched whatever TV shows I wanted to watch now they are slowly coming back to life my day may not be so easy . . .

I'm still not getting out of my jammies though.

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