Friday, April 10, 2009

Getting Real: My Threads and My Voice

I'm willing to admit I have rough time being a stay-at-home mommy at times, with the last few months being more rough than others but I'm on the upswing now . . . someday I may go into all that . . . someday. During my "rough patch", I considered a lot of things like giving up scrapbooking, quitting my blog, getting a second washer and dryer, running away forever (just kidding). But I now see that blogging and scrapbooking are sometimes the only threads I have of me. I need to create, I just do, I love artsy-fartsy stuff like gluing paper and sewing scraps of fabric together. I know some people don't get it, just like I don't get shopping as a hobby or just sitting and watching TV. Something I created from nothing into something that means something to me. I guess the kids are the same as scrapbook layouts and quilts since we created them too but I can't put them in neatly away and just look at them when I want.

Blogging seems to be my voice. I like to voice my opinion, my thoughts, my ideas. I know like 5 people read it (Thanks, if you do but I don't do it for you) I do it for me. It's fun to go back and look at my posts last year, it helps me remember that there's good times and bad times, and life just goes in cycles like that all the time. I feel like I am out in the world and that my thoughts are being heard because God knows there are many times here when you can't even hear your own thoughts over all the yelling and crying and laughing and giggling in this house. My blog is like me yelling out the window at the world (at the 5 people in my world). I really have a great life and consider myself lucky to be a mom and get to stay at home although that also seems it will be the death of me sometimes too.
I really am real on here -- this is me. My sis and I have been discussing how some blogs are getting on our nerves lately with their perfectly decorated homes and all the time spent on decorating (gag!) and people who ask for prayers every 5 seconds for everything under the sun and then quote Bible verses right and left (no offense, but moderation is the key in all things including religion), and my biggest pet peeve is the fake blog where all their children are delightful and wonderful and every project and activity, fun and enjoyable. Pluh ----eeeeeese! I think I've hit a new chapter in blogging and will be deleting many of 130+ blogs I read. Instead I'm on the search for the real-deal moms and here's my new favorite one. This post got me hooked and I sticking with her. She says she has 458 kids but I think it's 4, so she knows me, and I know her. She might be my new BFF and she cusses some on her blog which is not a bother to me, hell I may start cussing more here too. Check her out for some laughs and see how she holds on to her life everyday too. I'm off to go get creative for more threads to hang on to.



Laura said...

I like those pictures of you and Reese, she is getting cuter every day!

So many times I want to just wash it out and put it out there, but I censor myself because of my family that reads it. It took so much for me to put out what I did about Jax talking about my boobs, lol.

But you are right, it should be for us that the blogs are written, not for the readers. Thanks for the reminder!

Penny Smith said...

I'll swear more if you would like! :)

I know what you mean... I mean I try to be "nice" but then, like the egg story, I want to remember IMPORTANT things, not just the latest (that will soon be old ) scrapbook product! :)

Candi Ladwig said...

I hear ya...

There are so many times I think I don't have times for these "hobbies"... but they are a creative release, and you need that time for you!

I love your couch pics!!!!

(and please know even though I don't comment on every post I would miss you & your blog if it stopped!!!)