Thursday, September 18, 2008

I {heart} fall!

Fall is my favorite season. I love the crisp weather and the colorful leaves and the smell in the air. I love having the kids (and me) play in the leaves and I have some great photos of this in years past like . . .

Last year was our first trip to the apple orchard and the kids loved picking apples -- it really was a great day!

I really am looking forward to going back.

We always make a trip to the pumpkin patch unfortunately the last 2 years weren't so great. Two years ago it was cold and muddy and we had kids who looked like this the entire time:

Last year was okay but the pumpkins weren't in good shape so I'm hoping this time is better -- I wonder if they are ready for the corn maze yet -- they have a haunted one and my kids LOVE scary stuff but maybe they aren't ready for this quite yet. I can't wait to prop Reese up on a big pumpkin for a photo like this:

Aaron is the one who does the carving of the pumpkins -- he picks some elaborate pattern and makes something REALLY scary so much so that if you say to my kids what does a pumpkin say they would scream.

Then there's Halloween. We've been bees and flowers, the 3 Little Pigs, and monkeys.

This year's going to be fun because our whole family is dressing up in a theme but I'm not letting the cat out of the bag as it ties in with our birthday party and I like to keep our "themes" top secret. The kids are really excited about Halloween and their birthday of course. I am too. Reese's birthday is 3 weeks after the older kids so this is a super busy time of year for us but I love it all the same.

I broke down and made pumpkin bars last night with Addison and Caden's help. (Secret Message: save me before I eat the whole pan!!!)

I love pumpkin stuff so much. I had super good pumpkin pancakes at IHOP last weekend and I just found what looks like a fab recipe for them so I think we are having pumpkin pancakes this weekend -- yum yum! I am so in the mood for soups and chili too. I just want to jump right into fall I guess so I'd better get going and dig out our fall decorations and our little scarecrow out of the garage!


Keely said...

Are you ready for this???? I bought Pumpkin Hershey's Kisses at Target this week. I know you don't like chocolate but they are more pumpkin tasting than chocolate flavored.

Great pictures. Those kids have grown up so much....

Chrissi said...

I so love fall too! I can't wait to get some mums this weekend and get out my fall decor! Oh, by the way, I "forgot" that Jeff did get me a 19" flat screen tv for my kitchen for my birthday so I guess that necklace is "just because I want it"! I'm just used to him not getting me anything so I forgot!!!

Cathi said...

I love fall, the smell of drying corn, I swear I can smell it, pumpkin spice candles burning and I just made apple crisp. Yummy. I also want to make pumpkin bars after seeing the pictures of yours. I would love to get some mums, but I can not for the life of me keep them alive. It will soon be time to get pumpkins. yeah!!!!!!!!! P.S. Sister's are for reminding sisters that their husband really did get her a birthday gift. I just laughed out loud when I read that. She is so funny.