Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I really do hate spiders!

I don't like spiders at all. They are creepy; they aren't as bad as bats -- just looking at bats on TV or in a picture gives me the creeps and if I seeing them swooping around outside which I sometimes do, I really feel like I could hyperventilate or pass out or both. But at the same time, I can't not look at bats. Spiders are kind of like that too.

Last week the neighbor girl was outside playing in the yard with the kids, I could hear screaming. I try to block it out but it continued and continued then I thought the boys were probably torturing the girls or vice versa since the boys scream like girls too. I look outside and here's what I see:

Ethan looks as if he may touch this GINORMOUS spider that was hanging down from the tree at any moment
and every time he put his hand up it made the other kids scream loudly and shrilly. Of course Ethan found this to be hysterically

he has an odd sense of humor like when people on TV get hurt he laughs hard. Yesterday he was playing a 4 wheeler video game with Daddy and his siblings, every time someone wrecked I thought he was going to fall off the couch laughing. I wouldn't put it past Ethan to touch that spider. It was HUGE. I had to get a photo. In the end I poked at it with a long stick and it was no longer with the living.
Then Aaron said did you see that big one by the garage, why no, I hadn't or there would be 500 photos of it. The web was gigantic. I looked at it and said we have to check this every day to see if it says "Some PIG" or some other important message. Of course that was lost on Aaron since he doesn't read much. This spider is really big too. It's caught a lot of food too which maybe is why I'm not minding them much in the yard -- they are eating other bugs. I might feel differently if one gets in my house but as long as they stay outside and the kids don't touch them I don't mind them.

Plus I'll get some more photography practice on them. In my non photographing skills I get a lot of blurry spiders:

or spiders that look like Glenda the Good Witch floating down:

and once in a while I get this:

It's hard to get good at it, when you zoom in you feel you are so close to them that they are going to jump on you and that would probably be the end of me. Because I really do hate spiders, really!

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Cathi said...

Spiders, spiders everywhere. I hate those ugly things too. Last night we were outside and every where I looked, yep a spider. I walked through a couple of webs, gross, I was for sure they were then crawling all over me, even more gross. So...I took matters in my own hands, yep, you guessed it - I got a broom and went around and got rid of each of those creepy crawly things. I know they eat other bugs but I just can't stand to think that one might get into the house, plus a couple of the webs could have trapped a small child. So please don't judge me, I'm not usually that cruel, but come on they're scary.