Monday, September 29, 2008

My day so far . . .

It's 9:02 am here's what has happened this morning:

  • It's raining I got up at 6 am and normally the kids are up before or right around then but at 7:30 I had to do a lot of coaxing to get them all up.
  • 7:30 is too late to get up and make it to school on time so we were rushing around to get ready.
  • Nobody, even Reese, wanted to eat.
  • Addison spent most of the morning crying because she was supposed to go to a doctor's appointment to get her ear rechecked so she was going to miss a little bit of school this morning, she loves school.
  • While she's crying some more and getting her hair combed Caden throws up.
  • I tell him he's not going to school because he's sick so he's crying saying he's not sick and Addison is now ecstatic because I have to cancel her appointment and she gets to go to school.
  • While I am on hold with the doctor to reschedule the ear appointment I send the kids out to the van to get in. I walk out the door just in time to see Ethan jump in a huge puddle, soaking his socks and shoes.
  • My wonderful BIL (Thanks, John) just spent 2 hours yesterday in a RAK cleaning our van inside and out (no small job) so I didn't want Ethan in the van muddy. I tell him to wait by the side door while I go in to get new socks and shoes and Addison decides she is in charge and yells at him, he gets upset and sits down in the mud.
  • I got two of them to school after a lot of yelling in my front yard -- I'm sure the neighbors are loving me today -- and now I have 2 down for naps and resting!
Just another day in my life!

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Chrissi said...

Oh my! I sure hope your day got better! I'm feeling your pain as I am reading this. I remember those days! Just not with 3. I got my necklace. I will post it on my blog if I ever get around to it!