Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I love Scrapbooking . . .

but geez do I ever do it? No! I thought when the kids were in preschool I could easily work on layouts almost everyday. I did finish one that was already started one day but that's it. I made another layout for a challenge blog but that was late on a Friday night and finally on Sunday afternoon I created this (sorry for my poor photo during our monsoon)

which I totally lifted from my friend, Penny. I'm so busy trying to organize that I don't have time to create plus the whole photo-out-of-control thing is still going on. Let's not even get into the whole supplies out of control thing too -- it seems I'm either into making scrapbook pages or into buying things to make scrapbook projects. It seems logical that these would work together. You buy some stuff, make some layouts, then buy some more stuff and make some more layouts. Instead I buy some stuff, then I buy some more stuff, then I decide to buy even more stuff, my sister (who works at a scrapbook store) buys me more stuff and I never quite get around to making anything mainly because the stuff is overtaking my work area and as we all know even though I have 1 million plus photos stored on the computer and approximately 5000 photos printed I can't find and/or decide which photos to use. I'm overwhelmed by all the supplies too. I also just need to get into it again. I decided I'm stopping the stream of supplies right now and I asked Keely to hold off too. I have enough Halloween paper to scrapbook every Halloween from now until my kids head off to the nursing home and I'd probably still have some left over paper -- I'm not kidding. It's a disease.

So I am cutting myself off from new supplies. It's not that hard. I live more than hour from my nearest scrapbook store, Scrapaganza and I don't usually shop online so that's that. Now I am going to let myself have a $1 to spend for each layout that I finish with a limit of $20. So the more I want to spend, the scrappier I better get, huh?

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