Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Week in The Life Project

I am so excited that Ali Edwards is doing her infamous creative project that documents a week in her life. If you don't know who Ali Edwards is you can check out her blog. She is a scrapbooking celebrity but more than that she calls herself a life artist. I would also add designer, wife, mom, autism crusader, author, and just an all around cool person to her list.

She emphasizes documenting your life through photos and words --- that's it. And that's exactly what A Week in the Life Project that begins Monday is. It's taking photos of your everyday life and adding some words to tell about it. It can be a BIG project, a small project, or anywhere in between. I already can hear people saying this: my life is boring, I'm not creative, or I don't know how to scrapbook. But this project is taking your life as it is, in the here and now, and documenting it for later. Think of all the things that happen in your life right now that will be changing in the next few months or years that you won't remember or that your kids or grandkids will find interesting to know -- things that would normally be forgotten but will be sweet memories later on to you and to others.

Even if you don't scrapbook this is a neat project. This is the basis of all scrapbooking just taking some photos which we all do and adding words so we remember it all later. I'm doing it! I've wanted to do a project like this for a while but never get around to it, Ali will be doing hers online so you can follow along with it. A fellow scrapbooker, Kim, who also work s at Scrapaganza taught "A Week in the Life" class last year that now I wish I would have taken. Here's Kim's album that she made.

You can read more about Ali's project here and here. Join me, Ali, and a bunch of other people for this fun project.

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