Thursday, September 11, 2008

Preschool Update

Where have I been? I don't know except for a busy weekend with a carnival and zoo visit and this is our first 5 day week of preschool. If I don't blog almost every day I get used to not blogging need to do better!

Addison and Caden still love preschool. Caden normally starts to cry when I pick him up but I think he's tired. He's usually ready to go back the next morning except Tuesday he kept telling me he was "sick" and didn't want to go -- where do they learn stuff like that? I think he was cold and tired!

I've been concerned about Ethan. Last week he started to cry when I dropped him off. I don't mean a few tears but fall down in a pile screaming crying "Mommmmmeeeeee, stop, wait, come back" kind of thing. Nothing I can do but walk away. I just hate having him start his day off that way. The first day I think it was started by the fact that he heard me tell one of the other kids I was taking Reese to the doctor and when we drove to school I think he thought he was going with us to the doctor because he wouldn't get out of the car seat. Everyday after that, he was crying. On Sunday and Monday when I asked him if he wanted to go to school and see his friends and his teachers he said "No thank you, Mommy!" Ugggghhhhhhh! seemed like this is going to be one long school year and then he only has 14 more years to go!

On Tuesday when I took him to his room, he tried to push me out the door and say "get out". No tears . . . and yesterday I told him it was time to get dressed and he said "go to school?" so he's getting it. His teachers told me he has had two really good days in a row. Ms. Flynn came for a home visit last night and she said the first couple days she was really worried about him. But she says he's beginning to get the routine down and follow the rules better and she's on to him that he knows a lot more than he lets on -- which is the understatement of the year. He's probably smarter than all of us put together in this family but he likes to act aloof and like he doesn't hear or understand anything he doesn't want to do (which is most things)! She informed me he is yelling at his friends -- nice! but they try to tell him to use nice words then he shushes everyone and stops yelling -- I'm sure it's in his gibberish and he's saying "stupid" 5000 times (thanks, SpongeBob). She said yesterday that he went up and hugged her (first time) and then he started laughing. He starting to like it -- it will just take more time for him. Ms. Flynn said he has bonded with Mrs. Cornell which is good because she probably spends 90% of her time with him when he's there and he has to sit on her lap during circle time or he runs away. He is interacting with the other kids too something I was concerned about but that's a good sign. She also said that she thought the half day schedule was perfect for him (whew!). We were/are having a meeting about him attending full day after one month of preschool and Ms. Flynn had kept mentioning this the first week or so of school but I just didn't think he'd be ready and she agrees. Maybe later in the year he can go all day but were definitely going to wait on that.

So we are all adjusting to the routine. I've gotten one closet completely cleaned and took a humongous garbage bag of clothes to goodwill. Only three more closets to go, and two of them are like black holes if I don't post again you'll know I was swallowed in the abyss.

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