Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Girl who loves Chocolate Milk

Addison discovered chocolate milk since preschool started. I don't think an hour goes by where she doesn't remind me how much she loves chocolate milk which is followed by Caden stating he likes white. I drink white too if I have to drink milk -- as a matter of fact I only like to drink milk out of those like cardboard cartons you get at school. I drank it all through school and while I taught and while on bedrest at the hospital. To me it just isn't the same out of the plastic gallon in a regular old cup. Ethan likes white too. His teacher finally discovered this Thursday: he kept putting his milk clip on the chocolate cow every morning but never drank it, on Thursday I helped him do the clip and I knew he didn't like chocolate because we got a "free" gallon of chocolate milk from the grocery store this week and he likes chocolate candy so he said he wanted some but took on look at it and said yuck and spit at it so I put his clip on the white cow and she said he drank all the white milk -- this could have been part of his problem at school too if he wasn't eating anything at snack time because he hates chocolate milk -- low blood sugar and Ethan don't get along.

I got our free gallon of chocolate milk on Wednesday and by Friday it was three quarters gone. Aaron says he only drank one glass. I had to take Addison to the doctor. She woke up 6 times the night before. Once she peed on the bathroom floor, once she was in our bed, another time she was getting out of our bed, another she was wanting the blanket she left in our bed, and I have no idea what the other two times were about. Finally at 4am when I was in there for the umpteenth time I said what is wrong with you, she said "my ear hurts really, really bad!" Then she proclaimed she was going to school without me even saying a word about it. Well, she didn't go to school and I called the doctor as soon as they opened and got her an appointment. I thought it was weird because she didn't have a fever and the night before she ate TWO plates of food plus desert. She hadn't acted sick except that she was a tad bit more whiny but she's always whiny. Doctor took one look in there and said "oh that's a good one, she's got an ear infection" so weird without any other symptoms. She kept telling Dr. Larson make it better and asked if she had to get shot medicine. She's so darn smart after 3 weeks of preschool. Now she's feeling a lot better and can't wait to get back to school. At the doctor's office she weighed 29 pounds! I swear she has gained 2 lbs in the last three weeks, all that smartness must be making her brain bigger (plus a little chocolate milk too).

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Keely said...

Cute pictures of her! Looks great.