Monday, September 1, 2008

First Time Paraders

We went to our first parade today! It's hard to believe that in almost 4 years of having kids we've never been to one but the few times we were going to go the kids were sick.

Waiting is the hardest part of anything!
More waiting!
The Steermen Airplane Show is in town this week too and some planes flew over the parade too -- kids thought it was pretty cool!

We got flags at the parade to wave.
The marching bands were a little too loud for Caden. Ethan thought they were cool.
Reese thought it was a toe biting experience.
I totally forgot that parades usually mean candy is going to be hurled at you. Ethan had a pile going. He ate quite a bit on the way home with the paper still on so he got some extra fiber today.
Caden had an even bigger pile. He wanted to see clowns and I had told him there would be some. There was one handing out some propaganda and he almost missed him but he did catch a quick glimpse otherwise we might have had a melt down about that. If no rain we are planning on going to the Prime Beef Festival Parade on Wednesday.

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