Monday, September 29, 2008

10 months

On Saturday Reesey turned 10 months old, 10 MONTHS OLD! I can't believe how fast she is growing up!

Here's some Reesey fun facts:

1. She loves to clap and actually makes sounds when she claps now.

2. She waves bye-bye (sometimes says it), I think she says "up", and she just started saying "uh, uh, oooooh".

3. She leans in toward my hands when she realizes I am picking her up. She gets so excited.

4. She's learned to throw a small temper tantrum when something happens that doesn't go her way.

5. She is now cruising along the furniture ---- walking is in our near future!

6. She loves baby dolls! Addison never cared about them much until she was past 2 years old. Reese hugs them and pats them on the back and holds them out for me to kiss them and she laughs every time I do it.

7. She loves her brothers and sister so much. And they love her back. They fight over playing with her in the morning. Addison feeds Reese breakfast everyday -- cheerios and it helps me out a great deal when I am making the kids' breakfast and packing lunches. Addison and Reese play some sort of game where Addison calls her name and Addison runs away from her and Reese crawls super fast to get her. They both have a good time doing this.

8. She points at everything that she wants or when she sees some new or excited.

9. She sucks in her breath with a loud "oooooohhhhh" all the time because she is excited about this, that or the other thing. It must be wonderful to see the world through her eyes and be so excited about everything.
10. She is totally channeling Ethan (and looks so much like him). She loves to swing and loves Elmo a ton (even though she's hardly ever seen Elmo on TV). She's wild and crazy like him too. She's the female version of him. How could there be two of them?

11. All the diapers and wipes that we recieved at her baby shower last October are now gone. I can't believe they lasted 10 months -- what a blessing that was. I was trying to remember how long all the diapers we recieved for the triplet diaper drive lasted -- I think it was 18 months. I thank everyone of you who ever gave us any diapers, wipes, or other wonderful items. It was truly appreciated.

12. She's still a great napper taking two 2 hours naps a day. She's going to bed now at 8pm but still waking anywhere from 2-4 times a night. She probably is a little hungry since she is not nursing well at all during the day -- she's too darn busy to stop and eat most of the time but I also think her night nursing is mainly a comfort thing that she uses to go back to sleep. We'll have to be stopping that soon!

13. She's mean to people. She scratches faces a lot. Including her brothers and sister, mommy and daddy, even her aunts and cousin Jeffie. It hurts and I'm not sure why she does it but I can't get her to stop.

14. She plays shy a lot with people. Looking at them and then when they start to talk to her she looks down and shrugs up her shoulders -- she does it over and over again. She does it with people she knows and strangers too.

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Candi Ladwig said...

Ahhhhh, she is so sweet! I just stopped by to catch up with you! I miss seeing you {and Reese} at my club every month!!

Can't wait to see your "A Week in the Life of" book! I am collecting pictures and junk... so hopefully I will get that done, too!

All for now :) Have a good weekend!