Thursday, May 8, 2008

A Photo Essay

Last weekend when we stayed at Keely's house, Ethan had some trouble going to sleep as he normally does when we go there. He sleeps in a pack and play there but he's able to climb out so he will not stay in bed (at home he has a crib tent on his bed that keeps him in bed). When he gets out of bed he tends to cause trouble. Last time he climbed up on Jackson's dresser, got his piggy bank, broke it into a bazillion pieces, cut his
finger. Usually he settles down after a while and goes to bed. I think because Aaron was there instead of me he really was getting a kick out of seeing his Dad get so upset. No one took naps on Friday afternoon because of Ethan's antics of furniture climbing, bed jumping, door opening and who knows what else. On Friday night when Keely and I were driving back from the scrapbooking crop at 12:15 am, Aaron calls and wants to know when we are coming home. I could tell by his voice
that something was really wrong. I guess everyone had went to bed but Ethan so after a few hours Aaron decided he would just have him lay on the blowup mattress with him in the living room. Well, Aaron fell asleep and Ethan didn't. Ethan decided to go into the bathroom and "wash his hands" which really means play in the water. When Aaron finally woke up, he said the whole bathroom was "flooded". When we arrived home, Ethan was laying on the mattress sobbing and trying to catch his breath and Aaron was more than mad. Keely's vanity had some water damage near the bottom. Ethan must have gotten in big trouble because I put him in his bed and we didn't hear another peep from him. Ethan loves to play in the bathroom, I took these photos a couple days ago -- it explains it all on what happened on Friday night -- just look at his face when he realized I was standing there.

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Cathi said...

I know it's not funny (but man look at that sweet little face with that cute grin) and hard to handle at the time, but on the up side, he probably is one of the cleanest little fellas in Alexis and if Aunt Keely is anything like Aunt Cathi, you clean up the mess, fix the problem and give his a big hug and kiss and love him even more:) Because take it from me you will soon be driving him to get his drivers license like I did with my little fella Erik yesterday. And BELIEVE ME, he could find trouble without even looking, that's what I love about him. Hugs and Smiles.