Friday, May 23, 2008

My Girl . . . Addison

1. She is super demanding! It’s a girl-combo-preschooler thing. First thing in the morning, she gets up walks to my side of the bed and says in a very gruff voice: “Mommy, I want my cereals now!”. This does not go over well with me especially since I am not a “morning person”.

2. Speaking of cereal she can eat a ton of it. I mean like 4 or 5 bowls in a row! Of course it seems like that is all she eats probably because she is so full. She loves Rice Krispies and Fruity Pebbles.

3. She loves to sing. Her all time favorite song is “Do it Anyway” by Martina McBride. We went to Grammy and Papa’s church last fall and someone sang that song and she sang right along with it. She calls it her “girl song”. She’s also pretty fond of Taylor Swift songs especially “Pictures to Burn” but the best part is to see her dance –she can really shake her booty and uses a small broom for a microphone.

4. One of her favorite expressions is “I can not want to ____________”. Believe me there’s a million and one things she can’t want to do and she makes it known quite frequently.

5. She has the cutest smile!

6. She is the best bedtime staller. She leaves Caden in the dust. Many times she doesn’t even take a nap in the afternoon but if the boys both fall asleep she will stay in bed and read for a while. She probably naps 3-4 days a week.

7. She has the strangest collection of stuff in her bed. An oreo game that looks like a cookie jar, a mouse that’s a cat toy, dolls, a bunny, several books, valentine cards from her Great Grandma, papers that she typed her name on, socks, cups, lots of blankets and a million other things like toy food, toy tools, barrettes, trash, bracelets, scary guys from McDonalds, etc.
8. She will pull out one strand of her hair and she likes to eat it. This is gross. She also bites her fingernails and I even caught her biting her toenails a couple weeks ago.

9. She likes Dora, deserts, cupcakes, sprinkles, playing in the backyard, her cousins, school, her dollhouse, swinging high, going to the park, “ice” (Spanish Rice), yogurt, dressing up, coloring and gluing, SpongeBob, the color pink, her daddy, and eating “in” a restaurant especially McDonald’s.

10. She likes to pretend she is a baby. She wants to wants us to swaddle her in blankets and she crawls around on the floor talking “baby talk”

11. If she has a coat on, it must be zipped. She wears boy underwear a lot and it’s usually on backwards

12. Her dollhouse that she got from Christmas is one of her all time favorite toys. She freaks out when one of the boys wants to play with it because they mess it up and she has to fix it. “Play dollhouse, please mama” is something I hear a lot so I do.

13. She loves to clean and she will help do housework. She freaks when I say lets clean out your bed though because she knows she will have to make choices of what is staying and leaving.

14. She loves baths but hates to have her hair combed. I am hair challenged and have a hard time doing it so it stays out of her eyes. We’re growing out her bangs and boy is that hard on all of us!

15. She has a lot of dreams and remembers them. The other day she was crying in the morning and when I went to her bed and asked her what was wrong she said that Ethan was taking your white van away and he can’t.
16. She is such a girly-girl and a tom-boy at the same time. She loves all things girl: clothes, pink, dresses, skirts, hair bows and barrettes, make-up, but having 2 brothers around sure can make you tough too. She can certainly keep up with them in so many ways and get just as dirty!

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