Thursday, May 1, 2008

Halloween or Christmas?

My friend and avid blog reader, Cathi, recently was inspired {by me she tells me} do some simplifying and decluttering and ironically she offered to donate some great toys to me. Lately I have been really good about saying "no" to offered things (my in-laws are in the processing of moving and my MIL keeps trying to give me stuff -- I don't even look at anything because I know that will make it hard to say "no"). Anyway when Cathi told me all the great stuff she had, I couldn't turn it down. Last Friday, she came over here with a van load! There were dress up clothes and shoes, trains, grocery cart, vacuum, doll stroller, puzzles, ponies, art stuff, ABC games, and I don't know what else! My kids loved everything but the best thing was this Little Tikes vanity and stool. When Addison saw this it took her breath away! She has been sitting at it everyday and so have the boys too. It is adorable. Cathi has even offered me her services of helping me reorganize my toy room. People are always offering me their help because evidently I appear to really need help and normally I don't take people up on their offers but after Cathi was here and talking to her in real life again (it had been a while) I realized just how much I really like her; she is a great person and mom! I had her son, Luke, in 3rd grade, 4th grade {I think}, and worked with him in 6th grade {now he's all grown up}. I taught with her sister, Chrissi, and Chrissi was in our wedding. I really don't get together with my friends much anymore. Other than taking the kids to preschool I don't see many adults. I miss having friends and adult conversations. I think it's time to reconnect myself with adults. So even if Cathi comes here and says, "instead of throwing all the toys on the floor why don't we pick them up" I will be happy to spend some time with a friend and have adult time. Thanks Cathi, for all the great stuff and I'm looking forward to our visit soon!


Chrissi said...

I knew the kids would love all of the toys! It's so nice to know that there are little ones out there that can have a lot of fun with them!

Cathi said...

It made my day to the sweet, excited faces of your kids. I hope they enjoy the toys, Rachel sure did. We will be calling you to come and play, clean and organize!!!