Thursday, May 22, 2008

Park Fun

We went to the park today! The kids had fun! A class from the school came too and as soon as they started to play Caden got hurt because he was showing off and thinking he was a second grader suddenly! They really love big kids!

I continue to price baby clothes for the yard sale. I am getting sentimental about some things because the kids were so cute in this or that but I have refrained and only found one little shirt that I don't think I can part with. I have to take a van load to Keely's house on Sunday so I have to get as much priced by then as I can. Today I wasn't so successful as the kids didn't think they needed to nap -- even Reese wanted short naps today. I think I will be dreaming of putting price stickers on things tonight. If you see me don't get to close or I may put a tag on you too. I will be glad to get this stuff out of here and hopefully it will turn into some cash!

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