Monday, May 12, 2008

First Foods

Reese had her first cereal on Saturday. She's been a bit unpredictable near the end of last week only wanting cat naps, needing to be held lots, not sleeping through the night like before, so I thought maybe she needs something more than milk in her tummy. She was all excited in the beginning: a new chair to sit in, wearing a bib for the first time, but most of the cereal didn't stay in and like most babies she wasn't "loving it" as far as taste goes.

She thought holding a spoon was fun for a bit then came her newest discovery. As happy as that girl can be she can get just as mad in a split second! She used to hardly ever cry but she must just have been bottling up because she has some lungs on her!

I thought everyone was doing better but Caden and Addison have pretty bad coughs and Addison coughed so hard today that she threw up. And now Reese has a fever. I called the doctor and they instructed me to give some Tylenol and if she still has a fever tomorrow to take her in. She's a cranky baby too . . . I didn't know she was sick this morning I thought she was just tired because yesterday she only took two 45 minute naps. Our preschool teacher said I could bring Reese to preschool with us if I needed and today Grammy wasn't available so I did and she cried the whole time we were there. If I had known she was sick, we would have stayed home. Ugggghhhh!

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Chrissi said...

Oh how cute is that? I love the picture of her crying!! She is getting so big. I've got to come by to see her! Hope they are all better very, very soon!