Thursday, May 15, 2008

Come on!

Okay, now I am sick -- some cold type thing which is the same thing the baby has. It is May 15th -- where in the world is the warm spring/summer weather? I am so sick of this. I just changed out the kids clothes last week and put away the long sleeve shirts and I felt like I was doing it so late but I think we can still plan on wearing sweatshirts if not their winter coats. We'll have to wait on the shorts and tank tops! At least I left out the jeans and long pants. It's not quite warm enough to take the baby out when the older kids go out which is fine for them to play in the fenced backyard by themselves but somebody wants in about every 3 minutes. I need one of those turnstile doors they have at stores and hospitals. They can't open the screen door from the outside yet. Since I'm not getting the warm happy weather I want here's a warm picture to make you happy:

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Chrissi said...

This picture of Reese just made my heart smile! That's a keeper for sure! I agree - where's the warm weather????