Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Welcome me to the 21st century!

Today I just got a high speed Internet connection. I know you're thinking so what? Well I previously had a dial-up connection. Still you're think who cares? If I only I had kept a log of how many hours (or days) I have spent on the computer waiting on anything and everything. For instance just to log on was at least 5 minutes. I just downloaded that photo of Ethan at the right in less than one minute, before it would have easily taken me 20-30 minutes for that photo to download before. I should get an award for being persistent. Many times I would start download photos to my blog and then go take a shower and come back it was still working on it. And downloading photos to a site like Walgreens so I could have photos made most of the time I just did 4 or 5 photos, if I had a lot I would start them and let it go overnight most of the time in 8 -10 hours I could download about 100 photos. I never go to You Tube or watch anyone videos on my computer because in about 2 days I might be able to see part of the video! Even just trying to look at somebody's simple blog might take 15 -30 minutes. It was so annoying and time consuming! Now it's all in an instant. We thought about getting it before and when I checked it was $100-$150 a month because we live in the middle of nowhere in a small town that no one wants to cover. We paid $20 each month for dial-up. I kept getting notices in the mail from the phone company about high speed and the special price would get cheaper and cheaper. A couple weeks it was exactly the same price we are paying now $19.99 a month. So I signed up and now I will have so much extra time! What ever will I do?


Keely said...

Read More Blogs!!!!!

Laura said...

Holy cow! Congrats!

Cathi said...

I hope that means more updates per day:) Not that you have anything else to do.