Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Toys R "Us"

Don't address letters and cards to the Murray Family anymore just write Toys R Us and our town, state and it will find us as we are now opening a new toy store in our home. I don't think there's one spot in our home where you don't find several toys including the bathroom and kitchen. We will be reorganizing soon just have to figure it all out. We just have a lot of GENEROUS family and friends that gave a lot to EACH of our 4 children! It's overwhelming to Aaron and me so I can't imagine how the kids are feeling. We will have to put a lot away and rotate every week so they can really play.

The kids had a great Christmas and had 3 separate gift opening times. I am still hearing "Where's HO HO?" like he's coming everyday or something, Thank God he doesn't! Addison and Caden were really into opening gifts this time, Ethan wasn't. At Grammy and Papa's house he opened a 50 cent coloring book and then he was done. He did open some Thomas the train boots and loved those too. Then he went to the kitchen to sit in a box wearing his boots and looking through his book and he was happy. "All I need is this book, these boots, and this box . . . " At Keely's house he got into it a little more and opened most of his presents and liked them. He needs time to "warm up" I guess. Caden was happy with all his Spiderman Web toys and he got a couple of pirate things too. Addison got her giant dollhouse and loves it except Ethan is always piling all the furniture into one room and trying to fit pieces through the doorways that are much too big and it causes quite a commotion for everyone.

Keely and Monica had a cousin party for all of our kids (except Reese) this past weekend and they took all 7 of them from ages 8 months up to 7 years for 2 nights. They had a blast although my kids had a cold but as soon as they got 3 hours from me they had fevers and Addison was pretty sick for a while. Aunt Monica and Aunt Keely handled it just as all moms do and they were fine but we ended up coming back a day early to go to the doctor and we can now be called Ear Infections R Us because Caden and Addison have bad infections in both ears and Ethan has one and another one starting. We got some meds so hopefully that takes care of the whole thing. We had ear infections last Christmas --- what a tradition that is! Aaron and I did enjoy time with just the baby and went to dinner one evening and shopped a little and we cleaned our bedroom and closet some. It's nice to have some quiet once in a while for extended periods of time although we felt bad the kids were sick and we shipped them off for my sisters to deal with all that. Fun for them! Here's a photo of our Christmas celebration at Keely's house just to show that both my sisters, Keely on left and Monica on right, survived the weekend with all those kids!

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