Thursday, January 3, 2008

Loving her loving tummy time!

Reese loved her first real session of "tummy time" today! It's shocking because the other 3 kids hated it forever and they would cry and complain every time I put them on their tummies. She has done pseudo tummy time by laying on our chests but it's not the same as laying on the floor herself. She did it for more than 10 minutes today and she was able to lift her head and move it to the other side several times and she could even do this while I am flashing a camera in her face every 30 seconds. She is just such a joy! There isn't one thing that I feel like is a burden about having her around. Having triplets then having a singleton sure does change your perspective on everything! I am working on getting her to sleep in own crib (still in our room since there's no extra space for her to have her own room). Last night was her third night and she did pretty good. I'm still not doing so great on my resolutions -- little overwhelmed by toys hopefully I will make some progress today while the kids nap. Once I get the toys cleaned up and organized hopefully I can get some other organizing and cleaning started.

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