Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Here's some happiness for today

Here's why you don't let a 3 year old get up ahead of you. Caden is really independent and since I'm feeling lazy and tired in the morning I usually let him go downstairs by himself. He gets his cup of strawberry milk out of fridge that Daddy made for him earlier and the last couple days he gets out a bowl and some crackers (breakfast of champions) and pours himself some snacks. He goes in the playroom and watches TV and eats. Well, today I opened the fridge and noticed he had some leftover cheesecake too . . . finger food I guess.

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joan said...

Love your scrapbook pages--looks like you are a stamper, as well. I admire you doing your scrapbooking with all that you have on your plate. Good for you. I'm sure the finished books will be works of art!!

I recently did two Disney Cruise albums (we had too many pictures) and they turned out really smashing. It is the first time I have combined my stamping with scrapbook and came up with some nice stuff.

Right now I have 300 pictures from our last family cruise and I almost can't face making that scrapbook.

Keep it up. What wonderful keep sakes for your sweet kiddos.