Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Another BIG step for me

Well I did it! Another milestone reached for me. I took all 4 kids to the doctor by myself yesterday and here's the BIG part I didn't use a stroller or wagon. Can you believe it? Actually the plan had been to use our double stroller as our choo choo wagon is hard to maneuver in the elevator we have to take: I can get it in there no problem but it's getting it out that's the issue and you practically have to pull it out backwards and feel pressured to do it before the elevator door closes all the while carrying a diaper bag and Reese in a carseat! I thought I would put Ethan (also known as Run Away Boy) and Reese in our double stroller and Caden and Addison would walk. Well it was COLD here yesterday. I was going to have to take Reese out of her carset and put her in the stroller and Ethan would have had to be sitting in the stroller waiting for me to get her in the stroller and to unbuckle Caden and Addison too. We would have all been freezing. So at the last minute I decided the older kids could walk and I would just carry the carseat. It went okay . . . Aaron would have had a heart attack if he saw us because there's no way to hold everyone's hand and carry the carseat and diaper bag. I held Ethan's hand and the other two slowly followed behind . . . 3 year olds are in no hurry when you are. It went fine. Now I'm not ready to do this all the time but at least I know I can do it that's the biggest obstacle of all is just knowing it is possible. Addison has an eye doctor appointment today and I'm not sure if we are using the stroller or not but at least I know I can handle it if I have to.

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