Sunday, January 13, 2008

Weekends Go Fast!

My new favorite photo -- just the girls!

How does time go so fast? I don't know, the weekends especially seem to just fly by. Keely made it down for our crop. We were only a 1/2 hour late and wouldn't have been but Reese had her 1 month checkup (about 2 weeks late) and there must be a ton of sickness going around because I had to wait for over an hour for our doctor to come in. Totally not her fault and I wasn't mad especially since she said "Reese was perfect". Her head grew 6 cm in 7 weeks so she is going to have a bucket head like Addison and Caden I guess. But she now weighs 8lbs 6 oz and grew 1 inch to be 20 inches long so looks like she's going to be short like everyone else in this family (except my Grandma, Monica, and Caden). Anyway we left all 4 kids with Aaron (whose exact words were when I asked if I could leave Reese at home "Why do I have to watch 4 kids?") and we went to the crop. I only got one page completely done but I started about 4 more layouts. It's hard because you can't take all your supplies and as you work on stuff you think oh I need this or that, of course, you can buy supplies there while you work but if you already have some items at home it doesn't make sense to buy more. I only bought paper (my biggest downfall in scrapbooking) and spent about $12 and used a $10 gift certificate so I did well. Keely did about 3 layouts. The baby did fine without me and Aaron survived with 4 kids just as I do everyday too. Here's the the layout I finished and I completed another one today (click on the photos to see them bigger).

We finally had to give up our little picnic table that we bought when the kids were one. It was just too small even for 2 people to sit at. The kids don't really have anywhere to sit in their playroom except Daddy's recliner and they aren't so keen on sitting in it together unless Daddy is sitting with them then all 3 are piled on his lap. So I started looking for a little table. I wanted a folding table just so we could fold it up and store it if we wanted to. They aren't that easy to find. At some places it was going to cost $50 for a table and 4 chairs -- I think I could buy an adult one for that. Keely, the bargain shopper, found one at Big Lots (my Big Lots didn't have one) for $30. They kids love it. Now they have a place to sit and watch TV and play in our playroom. They are loving eating at the table too -- Aaron said we'll probably never see them at the dining room table again.

The kids are enjoying the new play closet in their room. They have been pretty good about playing nicely upstairs without constant supervision. Ethan likes to lay in his crib and then he decides to fill it up and when I say fill it up, I mean it. When I went up there the other day, he had emptied one and half book shelves and both Addison and Caden's beds and put everything in his bed. There was about 2 feet worth of stuff. Addison just about had a heart attack when she realized her stuff was gone and I had to sneak up there when Ethan was downstairs and empty it out. I've caught him coming downstairs to get stuff to put in his bed too not just toys either anything not nailed down is fair game. Now I am trying to zip up the crib tent before he goes up there so he doesn't keep filling up his bed. He is my hoarder! I hope he outgrows this -- all summer he liked pushing the play grocery cart up and down the sidewalk combine this with his hoarding tendencies and he may grow up to be a homeless person (just kidding).

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