Sunday, January 20, 2008

Was I sick!!!!

Oh my, on Friday I was REALLY sick! On Thursday night I went to bed around 10:30 because I started feeling like I could be getting the flu. At 11:30 I had about 10 blankets on and was freezing but didn't think too much of it because first it was about 2 degrees outside and second our house is always cold in the winter. At 1:30 I woke Aaron up because I was still just as cold and hadn't gone to sleep yet. He got me some Tylenol and wanted to call 911 -- he typically panics. I had a really tender spot on one of my breasts. I had just been to my OB-GYN doctor that afternoon for my after baby check-up and he told me if I had severe pain in my breasts and flu-like symptoms to call the office right away. So at 2am I got out my medical books and looked up mastitis (infected milk ducts). I finally got a couple hours of sleep but felt worse in the morning. I decided we weren't going to preschool and called my OB as soon as they opened and 2 hours later they called back and said take Tylenol and use warm moist compresses on my breast. I did this all day while laying on the couch and trying to get the kids to sit and relax with me (yeah, right). This was one of those days that I wished Aaron had paid sick days so he could have stayed home, but he doesn't so I made do. By the time my doctor office closed my breast was swollen and really red. I ended up going to a walk in clinic and got some antibiotics. Within 12 hours of my first dose, I felt almost completely better! I don't ever want that to happen again -- it's enough to make you say forget breastfeeding altogether. I wish my doctor had prescribed me something too I guess he thought I had a clogged milk duct, not an infection. I can't imagine going all weekend without medication -- I could be dead by now without antibiotics I think.

It is so cold here. I think about 20 or 30 below with the windchill. I haven't gone anywhere all weekend since the doctor on Friday night. The kids were wanting to go to preschool and Grammy's on Friday so badly -- Addison cried several times on Friday when I said we couldn't go. Aaron was so nice yesterday when he offered to take all 3 older kids to Farm King to get the oil changed -- I was shocked because I've done this a million times and it is NO FUN at all but he did and only took the double stroller instead of the wagon. He even said they were good which he never says about them going out. Then today he took them to his parents so he could watch football with his dad. The baby and I stayed home and I scrapbooked (yeah!) and enjoyed some quiet time!

Aaron had an unexpected day off last Thursday before we had Arctic weather and it snowed about 1/8". Since the kids have hardly had the chance to go outside before it's either too cold or they are sick, he finally agreed to take them out for a little bit. They had fun and he even pulled them around in a sled but I missed that part because my camera batteries died. They made snow angels and tried to make snow balls but it was more like snow confetti since it wouldn't stick together. After about 20 minutes Aaron was more than read to come back in. That was about 20 minutes less than it took to dress them (snowpants, hats, boots, gloves x 3). They had fun though!

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