Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Don't want to forget

Sometimes I think why do I blog -- who cares about my boring life other than our immediate family. Well someone must read it because I have over 4000 hits and I know I read other people's blogs -- you just get addicted to someone else's life I guess. Mostly I am just doing it for me, I plan to make my blog into a book (there's companies that do this) and that way I can remember and look back at my life later on. Yesterday I took a bunch of photos that show some of the kids' daily life and things I would probably forget if I didn't document it somewhere. Enjoy!

Here's Ethan showing what a great home decorator he would be. He likes to pile all the dollhouse furniture in one room and try to close the big door and gets really mad when he can't -- hoarding issues, big time.

Here's some more hoarding going on. He took stuffed toys one by one (and we have A LOT) upstairs and put them in his bed. I had to empty out his crib before he came up for bedtime. He made a lot of trips upstairs this day.

Look at his hair. He needs it cut so bad and it is so long now that he has twisted one spot on top into a huge dread lock. It will have to be cut out but it's a big one this time. When we went to the doctor yesterday, the receptionist asked what did he do to his hair?

Addison is playing with string cheese here. She was acting out a whole scene like the pieces were two characters. I don't know why we buy toys! She has quite the imagination.

Caden loves the Football Guys that Aunt Ashley and her family gave him for Christmas. This is his all time favorite toy. He constantly sets them up (because everyone else walks all over the field). He tries to take them everywhere too.

Reese had her first real bath yesterday. I know, she is 8 weeks old but I have been bathing her just sponge bath style. I finally had Aaron dig up the baby bath tub yesterday. She loves bath time. I really can't think of much she doesn't like (except getting her nose cleaned out).

How could you not love this face? He's knows he's cute!

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