Monday, January 14, 2008

Reese Notes

Reese is just growing. She just started smiling at people last week. She really likes to smile at Caden the most but I've gotten a couple out of her. I think she thinks of me as the "milk machine" and doesn't care as much about my face as other parts of my body. She starting to notice toys and looking at them and "talking" to them some. She loves to watch TV so she should fit into this family just fine. I kind of quit trying to get her to sleep in her crib since she had a stuffy nose and I worried about her breathing and being sick. But she has become one of those mommy magnets at night and no matter how many times I scooted her back to the middle of the bed within a short time she is back to clinging up against me and I can't sleep well. So last night I fed her at 11:30 and put her in her crib only took her about 20 minutes to go to sleep and I think Aaron and I got up a total of 3 times to put the paci back in but she slept until 3:45 and ate and went right back to sleep. She was our alarm at 7 this morning which was a good thing because the alarm clock didn't go off and Aaron was late. She did such a good job sleeping and I slept so much better without her in our bed. We are off to the doctor today to get trio's ears rechecked. I'll update later . . .
ETA: Caden still has one ear infected and Ethan's ear infection was worse. So we are back on medication. Which should be fun because Ethan spits medicine back at us. Last time we were on a 5 day once a day antibiotic. Now we are going to take something twice a day for 10 days. Dr. Larson offered to give them a shot which would have been great except we had to wait 20 minutes in the office after the shot. It was nap time and the kids hadn't eaten lunch yet so I thought it would have been a nightmare since I was there with all 4 by myself. Hopefully this medicine does the trick I am tired of sick kids!

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