Friday, January 4, 2008

I like to make things hard

So yesterday the kids went down for their nap and I started working on the toy situation. As I have mentioned several times it is just overwhelming. As I started going through stuff, I was unsure of what pieces and parts went with which toy since other people opened most of the packages at Christmas. Then the thought of putting a lot of their toys in containers in a closet to rotate didn’t seem like it was going to work so well since our closets are so full already and then to try to dig out different toys each week or so was going to be a lot of work that I would probably procrastinate and never get some things out. As I talked to a few people yesterday and read on internet blogs, I was envious that some people put toys in their children’s rooms. The 3 older kids sleep in one upstairs room and after 3 beds, a dresser, and a bookcase there’s not a lot of room for toys. Addison and Caden are in toddler beds and Ethan is in a tented crib so he is the only one that cannot get out of bed without us. If I were to put toys in their room, there would never be any sleeping going on in there anyway. Each of our 2 upstairs bedrooms has two very large but awkward closets. In the kids’ room, one closet is FULL of baby equipment and toys waiting for Reese to use and it is jammed packed full. The other one has kid hanging clothes, lots of extra diapers and wipes, tubs of clothes we are growing into, and some toys that I rotate – this closet is also very full. I suddenly decided this afternoon that I could use the baby equipment closet as a sort of toy room for upstairs. It is large enough to put stuff in and they could still walk in there and they are getting old enough to be trusted to play upstairs without constant supervision so it would give us more toy space and when it is time for sleep the closet door can be closed so they don’t play when they should be sleeping. Now it all sounds good but here’s the hard part: I have to clean the clothes closet (which I started) then clean the baby equipment closet and find a place for all that stuff (not sure where that will be) then I can start bringing up some toys and then I can reorganize the toy room. One thing leads to another then to another and then to another. This should take approximately one year since I have so much time to do things like this and I have 3 “helpers” and no place to put anything. I am really slow organizer and can’t really make good decisions on what will work and what won’t. Maybe I’ll surprise myself!

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