Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Happy Pooper makes a Happy Mama!

Boys are soooooooooooooooooooo hard to potty train in comparison to girls. For Addison, I basically made a sticker chart gave her a few Reese's Pieces and she never looked back. Oh sure, she has an accident once in a blue moon but she refused to wear pull ups or diapers at bedtime after she got the hang of it and that was it. Then there's the boys . . . to even get them to sit on the potty is a major feat. I had a HUGE stockpile of pull-ups, thanks to some great coupons from the coupon queen herself, Keely, and some lucky clearance prices this summer. Caden was more than content to wear pull-ups and it didn't help that they put his favorite guys: Diego, Spiderman, and Hulk on them. Finally we ran out of boy pull-ups so I told him he has to wear underwear except at night. So a few days into this, he has pooped in his underwear quite a bit. I hate cleaning it out and have had him help me a little. He has been getting the hang of going potty though but tonight went upstairs to get ready for bed and he didn't make it. Being the end of the day, Aaron has no patience left and after a lecture he put him on the potty. He went again and surprise there was poop in there for the first time! It was a total accident but who cares, we broke the ice maybe he will be more willing! He got 4 M&Ms for that and was he happy!!!!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful friend, Nancy! She is such a bubbly, fun person! She and my other equally wonderful friend, Alyce, have been coming to my house to babysit the trio since they were about 9 months I think (Nancy's in orange and Alyce is in blue and I'm super pregnant in this photo). I used to teach with both these ladies and now they are retired. They are so sweet to offer to come watch the kids to give me some me time! I usually go run errands or shop but when I was really pregnant they offered to come and I would go upstairs and nap, isn't that great? I loved it! Both of them are so kind to come help me especially when they have their own families and grandchildren to babysit. I keep telling them they don't have to keep coming but they say they like to see the kids and see each other. They both came today even Nancy on her birthday. Nancy currently has a son with some very serious health concerns and I know it has been hard on her -- please say a few prayers for her family!

During my "free time" today I got my haircut! I hadn't had it cut since October and I needed it. Total new "style" for me. But Stephanie, my hairstylist, swears this is an easy do -- basically wash and dry and you're done. This is super important to me because I don't even get to shower every day anymore and forget using a curling iron to try to do something with my stick straight hair. We'll see what happens when I "try" to do it as I have a hair disability!

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