Sunday, July 29, 2007

Macaroni Soup

We went to a kid concert tonight with Carole Peterson at the Warren County Farm Bureau. She sings fun kid songs and they get to do dance movements and sign language with the songs. They loved it. Ethan had a hard time with the "talking" between songs to explain the movements plus he was super distracted by the carved cow in the entryway and wanted to go back out there to look at it every 5 minutes! But once the songs were going he was all about that and the dancing! Caden was more reserved at the beginning which is typical of him but it didn't take too many songs for him to warm up to the songs and dancing. Addison danced clear across the room and sat with other people most of the time which was fine. Ethan thought he should be part of the act with Carole and Alvin and stood up in front with them a few times -- such a ham! They really loved the indoor freeze snowball fight with bath sponges! A really cool thing happened at the end when we were leaving; we had to walk by the carved cow again and Daddy said, "Say bye to the cow" and as plain as day Ethan screamed "Bye, Cow" twice. He's never said COW before usually he says Mooooooo when he sees one. That little guy is such a fooler when it comes to talking, I swear! We bought a CD at the end of the concert and listened to it on the way home -- they loved it. You can learn more about Carole, Alvin, and her company, Macaroni Soup, here. Here's some more fun shots of the concert:

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