Sunday, July 8, 2007

A Landscaping Maniac!

My husband goes in spurts on house projects. Either he's working constantly on one project or another or he does nothing for a while. He's in complete work mode
right now. Might be he's feeling the pressure of the new baby's arrival and our need to move in a couple years. Anyway for the last 3 days he has been working on some landscaping in our front yard. It's probably the hottest here it's been all summer {about 100 degrees} but he's out there digging and laying brick. He's going to put in lights along our sidewalk. He's never done any project like this before but I must say he is being so meticulous and when I looked at it yesterday, I was really impressed. It's going to look so nice when he's done. Addison was impressed this morning too when she walked outside and she said "Wow, Daddy, it looks really nice" without being asked.

Since he is working on that project I decided to write up our house project list that we need to accomplish before we sell our home. When I was done I didn't think it was too bad. About 3/4 of a page typed. There are some major things like re-roof, paint the outside of the house, build a deck but mostly a lot of them are much shorter more weekend type jobs. Aaron thought it was awful, but that's his opinion on any home improvement project that we have to do. We really have done a lot to this house since we've moved in 6 years ago, but I think we never really finish any project all the way before moving on so that makes it more difficult to see our results. Maybe this will get him on a roll.

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Keely said...

WOW! He has done a lot of work. It look really nice! Tell him he can redo ours when he's done! Heck, I'll even pay him! ;)