Tuesday, July 3, 2007

We spilled the Beans!

My kids have a container of dried beans (what else do you do with all those packages WIC gives you -- they certainly won't eat them even though I've tried). The last few days this has become an all time favorite pastime. It makes a huge mess. Even if I put the picnic blanket down they still get everywhere. Addison was playing in them naked from the waist down (remember we're in Potty Training Season) which I didn't know and she says "beans stuck in butt" and she was right; there were some in there.

Funny things happen around here all the time. Today Caden was running around naked from the waist down (again Potty Training Season) with a bucket on his head. Addison cried at lunch because she said it was snowing and cold when I told her it wasn't snowing today she cried really hard. Not sure why. She also called her doctor on the phone. Here's her conversation: "Halo, Doctor. Belly owie. Okay. Thank you. You're Welcome. Bye." I should really be more observant and write down all the crazy stuff they do and say because they really are precious times. I have to go sweep up beans now!

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