Friday, July 6, 2007

I'm so PROUD of myself & the kids!

Today we went for haircuts again. I usually take my MIL with us to help out but I decided this time I would try it on our own to see how it would go. It was so great! We had to be there at 8:15 am and we live about 20 minutes away so it was rushed but we were on time. Addison usually cries during haircuts and I have to hold her on her lap. She usually just barely makes it through a bang trim even though I like to have the back cut too. So I have been "talking" about her sitting like a big girl and getting the back cut too. They all did wonderfully and Addison sat all by herself with no crying and let them cut bangs and the back! It only took 30 minutes total. I found out yesterday that my OB forgot to have me take a certain blood test (MSAFP) so I called there and we all went there and got that done. Then I wanted to go to a couple stores so we went shopping. We used the double stroller and Addison walked while the boys rode. They were so good in both stores. We looked at the toys and they love to pick them and hold them for a little bit but when I say "Okay let's put them back and move on" they do. Caden even would pick toys up for Ethan and hand them to him. We shopped for about 75 minutes. I let them get some crayons (Caden saw Cars Crayons and he wanted them so bad). Addison was funny toward the end of shopping she was growing tired of me saying "Come on, Addison. Stay with Mommy." She started saying "Wait, I'm Lookin'" which was cute. No major melt-downs or anything which seems so great since we were gone 4-1/2 hours and they are only 2-1/2 years old. I am very proud of them -- they really are good kids! Now I will just have to figure out how I am going to cart around a baby with me too in the next 5 months -- that seems a little more challenging . . .

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Keely said...

I'm glad that her haircut finally worked out. You need to post a picture of her new do!

Jackson got those same Cars crayons when we went shopping the other day too.

You'll figure out how to handle the baby and the other kids. It's hard in the beginning to get used to having a car seat to carry around and scheduling everything around feedings again but it gets easier in time. Plus your kids listen really well to you so I'm sure in another few months they will be even better at it. It probably won't even be hard for you since you're used to lugging 3 car seats around at the same time. You'll do fine I'm sure.